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The Weekly Stack: The STXNFT Family is Expanding...

The Weekly Stack: Gamma Updates, News, Projects
Happy Tuesday! We hope you’re having a wonderful start to your week.
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Weekly News
Bitcoin Unleashed is Next Week!
Have you gotten your ticket to Bitcoin Unleashed yet? Rumor has it that we’ll be featuring a few of your favorite NFTs on Stacks at the NFT gallery there…
For 50% off your ticket, use code STXNFT! We’re so excited to hear from some of our favorite people in the Stacks & Bitcoin community, including our very own STXNFT founder, Jamil! Don’t miss this event 😎
Say Hello to…
The STXNFT family is growing! Please give a warm welcome to our recent additions to the team, Brett (community growth manager), Sam (engineer), and Joe (community manager & support)!
If you have any feature requests or bugs you want to report, don’t be afraid to reach out to them! In the meantime, check out their STXNFT community profiles down below:
Brett - eliherf.btc
Brett - eliherf.btc
Sam - sjc.btc
Sam - sjc.btc
Joe - datgreenspot.btc
Joe - datgreenspot.btc
Have a request? Want to report a bug? Reach out to us over at @STXNFTsupport on Twitter!
Additionally, we have a new Twitter bot @CreatePortal so you can follow along with all the new Create collections as they are released. Don’t miss the next drop!
To release your own NFT project with STXNFT, head over to
Exciting Drops & Releases
Luxury Lamps
The Luxury Goods are back, this time with Luxury Lamps. Unfortunately if you’re reading this now, you’ve missed the mint on this luxury collection. Be sure to have your notifications on for our Create Portal Bot, and keep an eye out on the secondary marketplace!
Luxury Lamps
Luxury Lamps
Juice Packs
Check out this adorable collection by artist nickole.btc!
The Juice Packs were recycled and transformed into small and comfortable places, so that people, animals and plants that measure less than 5 centimeters can enjoy and live in peace. Each illustration is 1/1 hand drawn one by one.
Mint yours before they’re gone!
CityPacks 001
Want to help fund public education? Check out CityPacks, an NFT collection made up of 3500 unique NFTs. Learn more at!
CityPacks NFTs are packed with the mechanisms for funding and building educational resources to empower public school students today and develop the foundation to thrive in the blockchain world of tomorrow.
Thanks for tuning in! We’ll see some of you in Miami next week! 😎
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