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The Weekly Stack: The Most Secure JPEGS in the World 🌎

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Weekly News
Last week, the STXNFT team met in-person for the first time (in NYC!) to discuss the future of our marketplace and how we’re aiming to increase the accessibility of Web3 for its first billion users.
From your feedback on Twitter, we were able to have nuanced discussions on the next features to implement for the best possible user experience. Additionally, we discussed how we plan to play a role in NFT education and what our long-term goals are for STXNFT as a company.
The STXNFT team is together in person for the first time this week. We’re discussing the future of the company and how we can increase Web3’s accessibility to enable its first billion users.

What’s something we need to talk about?
While we won’t share too much, what we will say is that…no one is ready for what we’re about to do next. Stay tuned! We have some very exciting news coming…be sure to turn on tweet notifications and join our discord to be notified as soon as we have something to share!
Watch Our Panel: The Most Secure JPEGS in the World
💡 The Most Secure Jpegs in the 🌍

Bitcoin is a great store of value. But what about .JPGs secured by Bitcoin? This session discusses why the chain backing your NFT collection actually matters.

Join @mrkmcknz @jamilbtc @SatoshiSarah & @uxceo tomorrow 👉
Did you miss the Stacks Bitcoin Innovation Summit from last Thursday?
Rewatch the panel discussion here(timestamp 1:37:27) featuring our very own founder Jamil, along with Sarah (who is currently writing this very newsletter you are reading).
This is a conversation you’ll want to hear… 😉
NFT Night…at the Museum
NFTs on Stacks were featured in a museum in
Stacks NFTs were showcased in a museum for the first time ever, thanks to the wonderful @jessgreenwalt and her “Destiny’s CEBs” collection @destinyscebs
snacktyme 🂮
Amazing night at the @chubbiverse event in NYC. So sick hearing from @ralph_cosentino and @JarlanPerez !Major shout out to @SatoshiSarah for organizing the event 💗 was such a pleasure connecting IRL with so many awesome creators and collectors🤝
Create Portal
The best way to create your own NFT collection in the Stacks ecosystem is via our self-service create portal, linked down below. Every week, we have several new exciting collections such as Tiger Force being launched.
Tiger Force is now sold out, but you can buy one off our secondary marketplace here. The collection reveals tomorrow!
Exciting Drops & Releases
Bitcoin Boards
Check out this collection released from our creator portal, the Bitcoin Boards! Bitcoin Boards has an exciting roadmap planned, which includes a partnership with Mahar Snowboards to potentially bring your Bitcoin Board to life.
The Ghost of Kyiv 🇺🇦
And finally, we’re so proud of our community coming together to create NFTs for good, such as this 10k charity collection done by Tyler to support Ukraine during these trying times. All proceeds from The Ghost of Kyiv will be donated to the official Ukraine BTC address.
Thanks for reading! We hope you have a fantastic week. ❤️
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