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The Weekly Stack: So, we got a facelift...

The Weekly Stack: Gamma Updates, News, Projects
Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day! We hope you had a relaxing long weekend.
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Weekly News
So…did you notice our facelift over the weekend? To celebrate Stacks’ birthday, we’ve launched a complete revamp of our site.
We’re making it easier for users to find, buy, and trade their favorite NFTs and making it practical for Creators to deploy fully-fledged smart contracts for any collection without the need for scripting.
The inspiration for our platform was simple: the community was searching for a place to visually display all of their NFTs, regardless of where they came from. It was from this idea that our open marketplace spawned.
We now have our sights set on an even more ambitious goal: we aim to be the leading marketplace for Creators and digital art Collectors to find, list, and sell Bitcoin NFTs.
Read more about our updates in the blog post below, as well as roadmap plans for later down the line (including things like auctions and native bitcoin payments!).
Taking Steps To Become The Leading Marketplace For Bitcoin NFTs – STXNFT Blog
We’ve partnered with The Mintery to help artists curate and release their NFT collections. Apply today for a 30-day mentorship program along with $15k to get you started!
Head to to apply today!
Head to to apply today!
Exciting Drops & Releases
Your Collection Here!
We’re almost ready for our public self-service mint launch! Have a collection you want to submit? Wait for our public launch or submit for the private beta here.
orlando.btc (Ӿ, Ӿ)
Great thread on both the drop of a music NFT on @Stacks and how @stxnft’s beta no code NFT minting platform makes it easy for non-technical creators to launch their NFTs.
sarah.btc 🎀 | activate bip-119 CTV
tested @stxnft new private beta self-mint feature -- it's fantastic (if you want to request access you can submit via

ai generated 'gold rush'
Gm, my mom just deployed her first ever smart contract on @Stacks for this NFT project and I am so proud of her!
What an amazing journey I have been on for the last 3 months! My first #NFT is launching tomorrow! Artwork✔️, Code✔️ 5000 images generated✔️, Upload to @stxnft ✔️. Thank you to my son @StacksDeveloper for all the help and encouraging me to do this project.! Love, Madre ❤️
This week, we grew our Twitter family to 4000 followers. Thank you all for your continued support as we venture into the world of Bitcoin secured NFTs. This is an exciting but daunting journey, and we’re so grateful to have you all along for the ride.
As MLK famously said, “faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
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