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The Weekly Stack: Gamma Updates, News, Projects
Happy Monday! You’ve made it through the first full week of 2022. 😎
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Weekly News
Mint with Lightning!
For starters, we have a really exciting development to announce…we’re proud to be the first NFT platform on Stacks to enable minting with bitcoin via the Lightning network!
Unfortunately, there are no Roots left to mint…but keep a vigilant eye out on our Twitter account for announcements of more collections you can mint with Lightning!
Check out our blog post for more information on how you can mint with bitcoin Lightning later on (or even USD over the Lightning network!).
The Mintery
We’re so excited to announce our partnership with The Mintery, a new 30-day NFT launchpad program for artists to curate, market, and launch their very own NFT collection with all the funding and mentorship they need to get a jumpstart.
Curious about creating an NFT collection? Here’s why you should do it on Stacks:
• Settled on Bitcoin — this means your NFTs are secured by the original, decentralized blockchain network.
• Low gas fees — low gas means more accessibility in participation.
• Efficient — your transactions don’t require any extra energy expenditure due to its efficient use of bitcoin blockspace.
Send in an application below today!
The Mintery
We’ll be rolling out the self-service minting feature to most remaining collections over the next few weeks. While we work on releasing the beta feature to all collections, feel free to submit a project via
In the mean time, we’ve got a few collections in queue that were submitted as self-mints. Check out our very first self-service project here!
Exciting Drops & Releases
As mentioned above, here’s our first self-service collection by dyle.btc: IWILLNOTBETELEVISED.
We’ve got loads more coming your way. Keep an eye out for announcements on our Twitter, Instagram, and newsletter!
Another new collection to explore with us this week is the Bitcoin Whales. Let us know what you end up minting over on Twitter!
Thanks for sticking with us! We’ve got big things coming your way very soon. Have a fantastic week!
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