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The Weekly Stack: Crypto Prizes, Baby Badgers, and More!

The Weekly Stack: Gamma Updates, News, Projects
Happy Monday!
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Weekly News
Remember when Okcoin partnered with us and Stacks to airdrop a free NFT (with up to $10k in crypto prizes?) Well, it’s time to check your wallets!
We’ve teamed up with @Stacks to give you a free #NFT & a chance to win up to $10k in #crypto.

@Stacks is a blockchain ecosystem allowing powerful smart contracts to be built on top of the #Bitcoin blockchain.

Learn all about them here: 👇
Did you enter to receive a key from @Okcoin and @Stacks?

Check your wallet and then see if you’ve unlocked a special treasure chest worth up to $10,000 in crypto!
To see if your key unlocks the treasure chest of prizes, head over to Okcoin’s website and connect your wallet!
If you won a prize, be sure to share your prize with us on Twitter! If you didn’t win this time, at least you still got a really cool NFT.
Stacks Bitcoin Innovation Summit
Interested in attending the Stacks Bitcoin Innovation Summit? Register online here for the event on February 24, this Thursday!
STXNFT founder Jamil along with Grace from Crashpunks will be on a panel discussing Bitcoin secured NFTs, moderated by Sarah. This will be a talk you won’t want to miss!
New Features Releasing Weekly!
Every week, we’re adding exciting new features such as advanced filtering, sorting, and new UI home page updates. Check out our megathread below to read all about our new improvements!
🚨 New Features Announcement

We’re excited to announce a whole suite of improvements built and designed to further streamline our user experience and marketplace navigability.

Some of these features have been requested by users for months, so buckle up and enjoy the thread! 🧵
Are you in our Discord yet? Discord is one of the best ways to keep up with our updates as well as discover new community projects and initiatives. Join our server down below!
Join the STXNFT Discord Server!
Create a Collection with STXNFT!
Sometimes, people want to create a collection for the fun of it. Sometimes, those collections sell out. One of our favorites from this week was the Luxury Chairs collection. Congrats on selling out!
To release your own collection on STXNFT, visit our create portal.
Luxury Chairs
Luxury Chairs
Exciting Drops & Releases
Mutant Monkey Serums from Bitcoin Monkeys
On Saturday, the Mutant Monkey serum public mint was released (and sold out in just 12 hours!) Miss the mint? Head over to the secondary marketplace to purchase your serum.
Bitcoin Monkeys Labs, Mutant Monkey serums, have surpassed 10,000 STX volume on STXNFT marketplace in roughly 12 hours since public mint. @BTCMonkeys

Get yours:
Bitcoin Badgers are Mating
Do you have at least two Bitcoin Badgers? They can now mate and breed a Baby Badger!
If you don’t have a Badger yet, you can purchase one off our secondary marketplace here! Keep in mind that Badgers can only mate once. To check if your badger has already mated, head over to this site.
…rumor has it that some couples can breed twins. Be sure to share your baby photos with us!
Did You Know About Bitcoin Badgers? 📚

@bitcoinbadgers are in mating season 💕

We wanted to do a quick thread showcasing this unique (and free) community-driven event for holders within the Bitcoin Badgers ecosystem. 👇
Thanks for reading!
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