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The Weekly Stack: Countdown to Bitcoin Unleashed!

The Weekly Stack: Gamma Updates, News, Projects
Happy Tuesday!
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Weekly News
Bitcoin Unleashed
Bitcoin Unleashed is coming up on April 5-6! Get your tickets here if you haven’t yet, before prices go up. Both Jamil & Sarah from STXNFT will be speaking at the two day Bitcoin event hosted by Stacks!
You can use our code STXNFT for 50% off your ticket. Get yours before prices go up!
New Partnerships…
We have so many exciting announcements coming very soon…
Last week, we announced our partnership with ALEX that allows you to use xBTC to mint on any collection with STXNFT. Can you guess who are next partner is? 👀
New Feature - Activity Tab
We’re shipping new updates every week — check out to explore what’s new! Our latest feature is an activity tab that allows you to view collection & marketplace-wide activity.
New Feature 🚨

You can now see collection and marketplace-wide activity from a newly added tab on NFT views. Let us know what you think!
NFT Education
We’ve got plans in store to release some more educational content. What do you all want to see? Let us know on Twitter!
We've got plans to make some educational content...what would you like to see us talk about? Let us know in the comments! 👇
To help others get started with STXNFT, send them this blog post that walks you through how to set up a wallet, get $STX, and mint your first NFT.
Exciting Drops & Releases
Stacks Mfers
just a bunch of mfers on stacks
Get your mfer from our marketplace here.
Seeing the first listings of the @StacksMfers collection on STXNFT, currently in whitelist mint.

Check them out here:
Project Indigo 1B is Live!
Check out Project Indigo’s next chapter here.
Each new chapter brings opportunities to get to know the characters, world, and story of Project Indigo. Participating in chapters enables players to earn TOX currency, which will be used to obtain future Project Indigo NFTs.
To mint the music NFT for Chapter 1B - Eugene’s Lab, head over to STXNFT! This is a limited edition collection of 150 music video NFTs, composed by Longstreet.
Shafts of Light: Townsfolk
A collection of 2000 pen and paper NFTs on Stacks. The town’s citizens have gathered and are eager for hire. They are at your disposal, ready to earn their keep. Townsfolk form the backbone of this world and will form the utility of our sets going forward, starting with the next release Shafts of Light: Kingdoms.
Townsfolk is just one of the many collections you can mint with xBTC using ALEX! Check out the collection here.
Thanks for tuning in, we hope you have a productive week!
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